Titanium Hexi Scales for Spyderco Manix 2 XL
Titanium Hexi Scales for Spyderco Manix 2 XL
Titanium Hexi Scales for Spyderco Manix 2 XL
Titanium Hexi Scales for Spyderco Manix 2 XL

Titanium Hexi Scales for Spyderco Manix 2 XL

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Titanium Hexi Scales for Spyderco Manix 2 XL - AB (Aluminum Blast) - Linerless & deeper carry mod

Made out of grade 5 titanium. The handle offers an excellent combination of high strength and toughness over the stock G10. The scales are machined with lots of attention to details with hard edges chamfered and hand-sanded for a smooth finish before blasting. The scales weigh about 4.9 oz with the knife. 


- These scales are made to replace the steel liners and stock g10 scales.

- Lightly brushed with aluminum blasted textured. 

Installation tips:

- Check if the pivot bushing fits both scales. Note that one side of the pivot bushing has a flat D-shape end and can only fit into the right hand clip carry side.

- Install the side of the pivot bushing with the flat D-shape end first.

- The stock lanyard tube should hand press snugly into the scales. If the tube is larger than the scale lanyard hole, use a flat part of the pliers if possible and press very lightly around the end of the tube. Check fitment frequently for a snug fit. You do not want the tube to fit loosely causing it to rattle.

All blasted scales are finished with oil-based PTFE to help reduce fingerprints and scratches.

Made out of grade 5 titanium, knife and hardware not included. Please allow 3-5 business days to process. Please message me for left-hand carry.

Customer Reviews

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Fit great... Look great.. feel great..Shipped great.. Customer service was great.. All in all... The Rockscale Manix 2 are just ok........ HAH! What I mean is... These scales are freaking great! Highly recommend!

Rod F
Fits great and looks just as good.

It went together pretty easily. Especially with your lanyard tube as well, it drops righ in with .002 to spare. So it fits like a glove. Well worth it to spice up a already great knife.

Michael B
Excellent upgrade to Manix XL

Exactly what the Manix needs. Decrease weight, improves balance, and improves form/function. My scales fitment was spot on like they were factory originals. Highly recommended to take the Manix to the next level. Fast shipping and delivery.

Elias Tragas
Great scales great support

I've been looking for titanium scales for the manix 2 xl for a while. I'm really happy with these. The finish is great, I love that they can have a left hand clip, and I appreciate the internal milling which AFAICT makes the knife lighter than stock.

From a support PoV Rockscale is great. I did some goofy stuff to one of the scales they sent me and they let me send it back and get a fixed version. I really appreciate them going out of their way to help me fix my mistake.

Steven Hazlett
Rebuild Spyderco Manix XL

With Rockscale and medium tension spring, black aluminum ball cage have managed to put together almost perfect Manix XL only mark I missed is not having Cru Wear for blade but other than that absolutely greatest action possible and 100% accurate centering never needing any adjustment as long as everything is tightened together patiently centering is only possible outcome thank You guys for helping with my new fav #1 carry boundless Love never-ending ❤️💯🧬💪 Namaste