Screw Set for Benchmade Bugout 535

Screw Set for Benchmade Bugout 535

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Titanium & Stainless Steel Screw Set for Benchmade Bugout 535.


Kit includes 8 short screws for the knife body and 3 long screws (updated)  for the pocket clip.

Pivot screw and pivot pin not included.

Made out of grade 2 Titanium & Stainless Steel. Please allow 3-5 business days to process. 

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Screw Set

Great quality and looks amazing. So glad I purchased

Old Buzzard/Uncle Farts
Outstanding gift for my son!

My son works for an HVAS company in our area, a true mom & Pop company that has grown fairly large. He is a valued member of their team and I am so proud of him.
He sent me a picture via text one day, they gave him a Benchmade Bugout with the company logo on it. He is no stranger to knives, so he knew it was something special. So out of the blue I sent him a text to inform him I was sending him some "knife Bling".
When it arrived it caused quite a stir, everyone was digging it. I had made the mistake of buying a cheap set for one of my knives, the color disappeared pretty quickly.
Rockscale makes the good ones, the ones you only buy once and the quality is always there.

Julio Gonzalez
Set of rsd screws for a set of titanium critter scales benchmade 940

Really like the quality of the rsd screws. One thing I didn’t like is that they don’t fit flush to the scales. I would like to talk to someone about that to see this is normal. Seems to me that the holes are not counter sunk enough for the screws to fit slush.

Blue screws had very little blue in them

screws need more blue in them, when installed they had almost the same color as the default black screws.

matthew savage
Great scales

Got some for myself and as a gift